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Program Details

Our Clients can obtain a one-year residence visa in Spain in exchange for buying a property worth at least €500,000. There is no requirement to stay, and the visa can be renewed indefinitely, the investor must visit Spain each year to renew or replace the EU national ID card. Family, including spouses and children below the age of 18, will also be given residency.

Investors who have continuously held the PR become eligible to apply for citizenship after 10 years.

Additional Government fees will apply.



- Travel to any Schengen country including UK without going to Spain

- No requirement of physical residency in Spain

- Spanish residency within 6 months

- Open to all nationalities

- Eligible to apply for Spanish Citizenship after 10 years.

- Active tourism industry, so the property can easily be let out

- Among Europe's largest economies

- High quality of life, safe environment and pleasant climate.

- Financial freedom: open bank accounts and grow investments worldwide


About The Country

Spain’s landscapes are diverse and varied, from the mountain scapes of the Pyrenees and the Sierra Nevada to the wild and beautiful cliffs of the Atlantic coast to the pretty coves and bays of the Mediterranean. And wherever one turns are the villages of old Spain, with their timeless charm.

Spanish cuisine is justly renowned, and so are other aspects of its culture, steeped in history in which many civilizations have held sway over the centuries. No-one knows quite how to enjoy life as the Spanish do with their fiestas, flamenco and football.

As a developed European nation, Spanish residency is desirable in many ways. Spain is an economic heavyweight, a trillion dollar, high-income economy with a high human development index. The leading employer is the automotive industry, which dominates the economy; Other large sectors are agriculture, tourism, in which Spain is world-beating performer for many years. The World Tourism Organization is head-quartered in Madrid, the capital.

Spain is a leader in Europe and the world in the development and production of renewable energy, of which the lion's share is taken by wind energy.

In 2013, the Spanish Government introduced legislation, which allows Non-EU citizens and their families to obtain residency permits if they invest in property worth at least €500,000.


Processing Time: 6 months

Residency in 6 months and eligible to apply for citizenship after 10 years of permanent residency.


Fact File

Location: South Western Europe, with the Mediterranean sea in the east, Portugal to the west and the Pyrenees Mountains in the north

Land Area: 500,370 square km

Climate: Clear, hot summers and cloudy, cold winters in the interior; cooler summers, and cloudy with moderate winters in the coastal regions.



Population: 49,331,076 (2018 est.)

Capital: Madrid

Language: Castilian Spanish (official), Catalan, Galician, Basque, and Aranese

Currency: Euro

Exchange rate: 1 Euro= US$1.12

GDP (PPP) (international dollars): $ 1,946.211 billion

GDP per capita (PPP) (international dollars): $ 42,124.292

(GDP information: 2019 est. as per IMF data)

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