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Citizenship by Investment

Are you looking to expand your global opportunities with citizenship by investment? Then UNO Capital is at your service.

We are experts at what we do. As a company specializing in how to get second citizenship from Dubai, Uno Capital plays a major role in empowering individuals and families to become global citizens. Give us a call at +971 4 3930 393 or send an email to and learn how we can help you achieve your dream of acquiring a second citizenship.


Leaders in Citizenship by Investment Services in Dubai

At Uno Capital, we pride ourselves in delivering a seamless experience for our clients. Our team of professionals, who have 30 years of expertise in advisory services, infrastructure, and overseas investment, assist clients in securing their future. We offer: 

  • Government approved advisory services
  • Genuine assistance and ongoing support
  • Highly professional and personalized approach
  • Citizenship for investment countries
  • Ethics, discretion, and integrity

Our experienced team is here to offer guidance and support as our clients are moving through their citizenship by investment journeys. We offer VIP-level services that combine long-term planning, citizenship advisory, and investment strategies. If you wish to build your dream life by investing in a second citizenship, our experts are here to make it possible.


World-Class Client Experience

Uno Capital delivers world-class services to empower individuals and families by helping them learn how to get second citizenship. With years of industry experience, we offer impeccable client experience and believe in long-term relationships.

The world population has become extremely mobile, especially among investors and entrepreneurs who would like to expand their business opportunities. We enable our clients to invest and build life in the countries they choose. Moreover, our team provides ongoing support to clients both at their current location and their desired country of citizenship by investment.

Whether you are interested in citizenship for investment programs in the Commonwealth of Dominica, Cyprus, Malta, and many other countries, we have it all. Our experienced team is here to assist in broadening your horizons and expanding your potential by living, working, and investing abroad without limitations.


Ongoing Immigration Support

As a government approved advisory, Uno Capital provides high-class end-to-end immigration support to its clients. We understand that no client journey is the same. That is why we design personalized strategies to understand the individual needs of our clients and tailor citizenship by investment solutions to meet their immigration goals. We also provide support every step of the way to ensure a flawless transition.

Our team’s extensive experience and expertise in the acquisition of second passports and residency through investment is a 100% guarantee of client satisfaction. At UNO Capital, you will find citizenship and residency advisors who deliver unparalleled immigration service with absolute integrity and discretion.


Second Citizenship Opportunities

Gaining second citizenship is a significant investment in your future and the future of your family. Our industry professionals are known for their expertise in assisting clients to help them achieve their dreams. Uno Capital delivers citizenship for investment solutions across 173 countries worldwide.

Let us help you find out everything you need to know about how to get second citizenship, including:

We are dedicated to providing bespoke long-term immigration services to our clients with their best interests in mind. By choosing UNO Capital, you can be sure of receiving highly professional and personalized citizenship by investment services provided by a trusted company.


Connect with Us

Reach out to Uno Capital for world class citizenship by investment. You can contact us by phone at +971 4 3930 393. Alternatively, you can email us at Let us know how we can help secure your future opportunities.



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