33rd most powerful passport in the world, giving visa-free or visa-on arrival access to 143 countries.

Grenada is among several Caribbean countries that provide citizenship to foreign nationals under the CBI programme in exchange for contributing to the socio-economic development of the country. The Grenada passport allows visa free travel to more than 135 countries around the world. Including the EU, UK, Schengen, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. It is also the only passports that gives visa-free travel to Russia and China. In addition to this, Grenada citizens are also eligible for the E-2 investor visa to the USA.

There are two options to qualify for Grenadian passport in few months:


This is a cash donation or contribution to the National Transformation Fund (NTF), a government escrow account for the island. For a single applicant, the required donation is US$150,000; for a family of 4 the required donation is US$200,000. Additional dependants can also be included (Children below the age of 30 and parents above 55).

Real Estate Investment

This includes a minimum of US$220,000 investment in Government approved real estate (only applicable in cases where applicants co-invest in a unit, for a total of $440,000).

There are some compulsory background checks, payable to the Government preferred due diligence agency to screen applicants.

Additional Government fees will apply.



  • Applying for Grenada citizenship from Dubai will give you the below benefits:
  • All nationalities are accepted
  • Quick processing time to citizenship in up to 6 months
  • Live and work in any of the 15 Caricom (Caribbean Community) countries with the same Citizenship
  • No tax levied on income created anywhere in the world
  • No requirements to live, visit or stay to obtain citizenship-One of few countries that offer visa-free access to China and Russia
  • No work experience or special qualifications required-Visa-free travel to 130 countries, including the Schengen zone
  • E-2 treaty investor visa between Grenada and the US allows Grenadian citizens to apply for a green card or operate a business in the US and reside therein- Children under the age of 30 are included- Dependent parents over 65 can also apply.


This is the standard processing time but it may change if there are any additional procedures /requirements by the government.

APplication process

Step 1

Client Assessment

Step 2

Client On-Boarding

Step 3

Documents Collection & Submission

Step 4

Due Diligence Check

Step 5

Approval & Investments

Step 6

Issuance of Passport & Citizenship


Grenada is a beautiful country consisting of seven islands in the Caribbean, of which it is the largest. Famous for its post-card natural beauty, pristine beaches, breathtaking waterfalls, and tropical landscapes - it's no surprise, tourism takes pride of the place among the country's top industries.

Historically, it is known as the "Spice Island", because of its leadership in the production and export of nutmeg and mace for centuries.

A peaceful and politically stable state, Grenada is home to thousands of expatriates and second passport holders. It attracts a large number of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) due to its excellent financial system with many international banks, this island is also home to a number of top international universities.

The infrastructure leaves nothing to be desired, with a modern road network, reliable electricity and water supply, and the latest in communications technology. The climate is warm all year round. Unlike many tropical locations, it is outside the hurricane belt.


Eastern Caribbean, West Indies, off the Southern Coast of Florida


107,317 (2016 est)


English and Grenadian Creole


348.5 square km


St. George's


Tropical - hot and humid in the rainy season; cooler in the dry season.

  • East Caribbean Dollar (XCD), US$ 1 = XCD 2.7
  • GDP (PPP) (international dollars): $1.8 billion
  • GDP per capita (PPP) (international dollars): $16,604(GDP information: 2019 estimate as per IMF)

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