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Why UNO Capital?

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Experience backed by expertise

We have more than 30 years of experience in advisory services, infrastructures, and overseas investments. This cross-domain knowledge is what we bring to achieve success for our clients.
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Most government communication, documentation, legal affairs are in the country's official language. With 200 nationalities in Dubai, where we are based, we are multi-lingual and deal with diverse nationalities, cultures and profiles. We also have an extensive network of translators and interpreters, so there are no language barriers.
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One size doesn't fit all

As every client is unique with different needs, priorities and goals we tailor-make our services. There is no standard size. After thorough research, 1:1 consulting, we offer bespoke and VIP services that combine investment strategy, citizenship advisory and long-term planning. Personal, yet professional.
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Our Location

We are strategically head-quartered in Dubai - crossroads of the world. Only a few hours away from Europe, as hub of the Middle East, and with proximity to 2 billion people in Asia and Africa, we help clients to freely access the four corners of the world. What more, UAE is a gateway to 300 destinations; we know what it means to be connected.
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100% Legal & Confidential

We have one of the best in-house legal teams. This means, all our work, engagement and process is bound by non-disclosure agreement (NDA), paper trial, compliance, backed by clear contracts to protect client interests across jurisdictions. All communication is encrypted to ensure client's information is secure.
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173 countries

We offer access up to 173 countries across continents - from Europe to the Americas; Asia to Africa. This makes us a premier citizenship consulting firm for any client requirements.

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Family Values

UNO Capital believes family values are vital to one's success. It is a support system that makes us stronger, it is the upbringing that defines our character. We understand those bonds that bind. This is what guides us in helping numerous couples, families, their children, parents and dependants to start a better way of life.

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