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St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment

Do you wish to relocate to a warm and friendly country in the Caribbean for your retirement? Or do you just want to expand your travel and business opportunities by obtaining dual citizenship? The Saint Lucia citizenship by investment program could be a perfect fit for your needs. Explore over 140 countries without a visa or with a visa on arrival and gain access to many more benefits of being a dual citizen.

Learn more about St. Lucia citizenship by investment with UNO Capital. With over 30 years of expertise in offering bespoke residency planning and citizenship by investment services, we are professionals who will guide you through the application process. We can customize the solution based on your needs to help you obtain a second passport through investment. Find out more about our residency and citizenship programs by calling +971 4 3930 393 or emailing at

Applying for St. Lucia Passport

St. Lucia citizenship by investment is a rather young program, which started in 2015, but the island has become a nice relocation destination for investors and their families. It attracts investors thanks to a rather short processing time, which takes around 3-4 months, and lower size of investment compared to other Caribbean citizenship programs like the Grenada citizenship from Dubai or St. Kitts & Nevis citizenship program .

You can choose from several routes to obtaining Saint Lucia citizenship:

  • Donate $100,000 to the National Economic Fund (single applicant)
  • Invest $500,000 in Government Bond (single applicant)
  • Invest $300,000 in Government-Approved Real Estate
  • Invest $250,000 in COVID-19 Relief Bond (until December 31, 2021)
If you choose the option to donate to the National Economic Fund for your citizenship application, the contribution will be $100,000 for an individual. This will increase to $140,000 for an applicant with a spouse, $150,000 for a family of up to four people, and $15,000 for every additional dependent on the application.

For the second option of investing in a government bond, the contribution will depend on the number of dependents, and the investor has to hold the bond for five years. Choosing the real estate investment option for St. Lucia citizenship by investment means that the investor will have to keep the property for five years before selling it. However, the program does not require the investor to physically reside in St. Lucia to maintain citizenship.

Another option involves making an investment of $250,000 in a COVID-19 Relief Bond. This application route is available for a limited time until December 31, 2021. The amount of contribution and the holding time varies based on the number of dependents added to the application.
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Benefits of Saint Lucia Citizenship

Do you see the St. Lucia citizenship program as a fitting solution for your immigration needs? Here are other benefits of the program that are important to know about:

  • Receive visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to more than 140 countries, including the EU, the UK, and Hong Kong.
  • The program offers fast processing time of about 3-4 months.
  • Dependent children under the age of 25 and dependent parents over the age of 65 can be included in the application.
  • St. Lucia’s taxation program is favorable for investors relocating there.
  • The application for St. Lucia citizenship by investment can be done remotely without the need to travel to the country.
  • Individuals of all nationalities can apply for the program.
St. Lucia allows its citizens to have dual citizenship, so you can retain your original citizenship, depending on the laws in your country of origin.

Living in St. Lucia

Imagine a peaceful island in the Caribbean with beautiful landscapes – this is St. Lucia. There are many activities that will not leave you bored living on the island. You can explore its rainforests and waterfalls, go surfing and diving, and attend various cultural events. St. Lucia has an affordable cost of living and welcoming culture.

Inhabitants of St. Lucia speak English, which is a great benefit if you wish to do business locally after acquiring a St. Lucia passport. It is a great destination for retirement, with beautiful views, a relaxing lifestyle, and the opportunity to engage in sports and cultural activities alike.

Although St. Lucia is an island, it is well-connected by air routes to countries in Europe and North America. You can travel to over 140 countries without a visa or with visa-on-arrival access if you choose to become a citizen through the St. Lucia citizenship by investment program. The island also offers high-quality healthcare and friendly culture, making it a good choice for raising children and for retirement.

Other Residency and Citizenship Solutions by UNO Capital

Apart from St. Lucia citizenship by investment, UNO Capital also offers other programs aimed at obtaining permanent residency or citizenship through investment. If you are interested in Caribbean citizenship, discover our Antigua & Barbuda, Grenada, Commonwealth of Dominica, or St. Kitts & Nevis programs. We also offer European Citizenship programs and the EB-5 Visa.

At UNO Capital, we have delivered immigration solutions to help investors and their families realize their permanent residency or second citizenship goals for over three decades. If you are looking to obtain a St. Lucia passport and become a dual citizen, we will provide expert assistance.

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Applying for St. Lucia citizenship by investment is not a complicated process if you are working with a reputable agency. UNO Capital is here to help you receive the advice and support you need to complete your citizenship application. We are professionals with 30 years of experience in residency planning and citizenship by investment. Allow us to help you acquire dual citizenship efficiently and securely.

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