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Why Permanent Residency?

In some circumstances, you may need to retain citizenship and still enjoy the benefits of living in another country. It may be that ties to your homeland are too strong to give up; maybe the home country does not permit dual citizenship; or for tax, business, personal reasons, you need to reside elsewhere without necessarily changing your nationality or acquiring a second citizenship.

It could also be for frequent travel with long and indefinite stays, and you want to do away with cumbersome visit visas that are valid only for a few months and need to be reapplied each time.

Whatever the reason, residency in another country offers immense advantages. It may also be the first step in obtaining citizenship of your chosen destination. It is the perfect way of getting access to world-class education, social security, employment opportunities and more, all without having to give up your current nationality. Enjoy the best of both worlds with permanent residency.

Things to keep in mind

It must be noted that PR is different from citizenship, though in some cases, it maybe a stepping-stone towards it. At the same time, while it may be a necessary stage in obtaining another citizenship, there is no guarantee that a successful residency application will result in citizenship.


What we do for you

At UNO Capital, our expertise can guide you through the shoals and reefs of the processes of getting your new residence or citizenship.

Currently, we offer assistance with PR in the following countries:


Starting from €350,000

Residency days required:
7 days per year

Time before citizenship eligibility:
5 years

No restrictions on nationalities.



Starting from €500,000

Residency days required:

Time before citizenship eligibility:
10 years

No restrictions on nationalities.



Starting from €250,000

Residency days required:
more than 180 days per year

No. of years before eligibility for citizenship:
7 years

No restrictions on nationalities.


How does one apply for Permanent Residency?


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