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The Advantages

Western Europe is the dream destination for many who aspire to a second citizenship and passport. The privileges, rights, and legal protection afforded to citizens of these countries create an ideal environment to live. Be it education or employment, leisure or business, no place in the world compares with the wealthy, powerful and influential nations of Europe.

There's a reason why 512 million people call the EU their home.

Citizens of the European Union (EU) can move freely anywhere within the 28 member states, have rights of residence and employment, permit to trade, move goods, services, and capital across the EU borders - just as if it were a single nation. With one currency, the Euro, transacting, doing business, investing or remittance is also easy. EU citizens have political rights including voting and running for office in the country where they live. All this is possible with just one EU passport.


Becoming a European Citizen

It is possible to become a citizen of Europe even without the advantages of birth or descent. Many member nations of the EU now offer citizenship in return for investment.

UNO Capital offers services that assist in applying for citizenship to the following EU member nations:



Apart from this, we assist in obtaining permanent residency (PR) in Greece, Spain, and Portugal, which may lead to citizenship. We also help in acquiring citizenship of Moldova, which is a candidate for EU. While not yet a member of the EU, Moldova has its own advantages, and benefits that will help.

How does one apply?


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