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It all started in the Caribbean. In 1984, St. Kitts and Nevis, the smallest sovereign state in the Americas was the first nation to pass a law that offered citizenship to a person provided the person was of good character and posed no threat.

Soon other nations followed suit, and it is now possible to get European citizenship in Moldova, as well as European Union citizenships in Cyprus and Malta.

However, the Caribbean countries remain the most popular destination for those hoping to get a second passport.


Why Apply for Caribbean Citizenship?

Caribbean citizenship allows you to "access the future" by offering visa-free travel to more than 125 countries, including all of the EU, Schengen States, the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. This is in itself is appealing to many people–but there is more.

Caribbean citizenships are the fastest of all the citizenship programmes–you can get citizenship in as little as three months. Add to that the fact they are economical—an investment as small as $100,000 for a single applicant and $150,000 for a family can suffice to obtain a Caribbean citizenship.


How Is It Beneficial?

The Caribbean countries offer individuals and their families some of the most economical citizenships globally. Citizenship starts from as little as $100k for a single applicant and $150k for a family of 4, the Caribbean citizenship programme offers the following

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Wealth Protection

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Privacy Preservation

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Strong Personal Security

Obtain a Caribbean Citizenship

Visa-free travel to 125+ countries

Why Caribbean Citizenship

Liberty to live, work in any of the 15 Caribbean Community states


By obtaining a Caribbean citizenship, our clients are free to live, work and study in any of the 15 countries within the Caricom Community

How does one apply for Caribbean Citizenship?

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