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Acquire Turkey Citizenship By Investment From Dubai

The 53rd most powerful passport in the world, giving visa-free or visa-on-arrival to 110 countries.


Turkey Citizenship Program: Program Details

Turkey Citizenship by investment program provides for two avenues of investment:

1) An investment of US$ 250,000 in Turkish real estate, to be held for at least 3 years.

2) An investment of US$ 500,000 in one of the following forms:
- as bank deposits in a Turkish bank
- as capital investment in Turkey
- in Government bonds and bills
- in a venture capital fund or in a real estate investment trust in Turkey.

Additional Government fees will apply.


Benefits Of Applying For A Turkey Passport By Investment

• Spouse, and Children under 18 can be included in one application

• Citizenship for life and can be passed on to generations

• No minimum residency required

• No age or education requirement

• Free world-class education and health care

• Visa-free travel to 110 countries

• Beautiful climate year long and diverse terrain

• A renewable Passport with 10 years’ validity along with a Turkey Identity Card

• Pension schemes included in the program

• Free Education, as well as University Reimbursement, plans included

• A solid investment with regular income while gaining a coveted citizenship


About The Country

Modern Turkey was established in 1923, with a secular, unitary, Presidential system.
It is one of the largest emerging markets and serves as a geographical, and economic gateway between Europe and Asia. The Turkish economy is the world's 13th largest GDP by PPP [268] and 17th largest nominal GDP. It's also a charter member of the UN, NATO, the IMF, World Bank, OECD, OIC and G-20 making it global economic power and an attractive, stable place for investors.

Important sectors include tourism, automobiles, shipbuilding, electronics, banking, construction, textiles, oil refining, food and mining.
Its attractive cost of living, with no inheritance tax makes it an outstanding choice for retirement.


Fact File

Location: Between South-eastern Europe and Asia. West of the Bosphorus, Turkey is part of Europe.

Land Area:783,356 square kilometers

Climate: Hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters; extreme in interior regions

Population: 81,257,239 (2018 est.)

Language: Turkish (official), Kurdish, other minority languages

Currency: Turkish Lira (TRY)

Exchange rate: 1 TRY = US$0.17

GDP: US$ 2.274 trillion

GDP per capital: US$ 27,956

How does one apply?

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