Moldova Citizenship By Investment & Second Passport Dubai


49th most powerful passport in the world, giving visa-free or visa-on-arrival up to 119 countries.


Program Details

The Moldova Citizenship By Investment (CIP) program was initiated in 2018, making it possible for foreign nationals to gain citizenship by contributing to the Public Investment Fund.

The amounts to be contributed are as follows:

Single applicant: €100,000
Couple: €115,000
Family of four: €145,000
Family of five or more: €155,000

Additional Government fees will apply.



• A Moldovan passport affords visa-free entry to at least 119 destinations around.

• Welcoming culture, pleasant climate, and a beautiful landscape

• Most affordable Citizenship programme in Europe

•Efficient application process

• Applicant and included family members are granted full citizenship, with passport rights.

• Dependents can be included:

- children up to 29 years of age

- parents over 55 (of either the principal applicant or spouse)

• No restrictions or charges for handing down citizenship to future generations

• Moldova has an association agreement with the EU and is a candidate for EU membership (2021)


About The Country

The Republic of Moldova, home to more than 4 million people, lies in Eastern Europe, situated between Ukraine and Romania. This picturesque land is named for the Moldova River. It is where Prince Dragos, the first ruler of Moldova is said to have settled. Gaining independence from the USSR in 1991, Moldova became a member of the UN the following year.

Aside from its expanding free-market economy, which is supported by a strong agricultural and food-processing industry, Moldova is one of the world’s foremost wine exporters. It boasts a wine-making history of 5,000 years. In fact, Moldova is among the top 20 global wine exporters, holding more vines per capita than any other country - it exports a staggering 67 million bottles annually, and contributes to the country’s economic success.

Moldova boasts some impressive technological achievements. The first high-definition voice services for mobile were launched here; it has the 3rd highest internet speed in the world. The use of English is rapidly growing among the diverse ethnic groups, making it a welcoming place even for non-Russian/Romanian speakers.


Processing Time: 3 months



Fact File

Location: Eastern Europe, between Romania and Ukraine

Land Area: 33,851 square km

Climate: Continental, moderated by proximity to the Black Sea: moderate winters, and warm, long summers



Population: 3,437,720 (July 2018 est.)

Capital: Chișinău

Language: Romanian (Moldovan), Gagauz, Russian, Ukranian

Currency: Euro

Exchange rate: 1 Euro= US$1.12

GDP (PPP) (international dollars): $ 22.546 billion

GDP per capita (PPP) (international dollars): $ 6,366.067

(GDP information: 2019 est. as per IMF data)

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