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Dominica Citizenship

Do you want to become a dual citizen by obtaining citizenship of the Commonwealth of Dominica by investment? Then our program would be the best solution to meet your needs. Gain second citizenship in Dominica and travel visa-free or with visa-on-arrival to more than 140 countries with the 36th most powerful passport in the world in 2021.

We at UNO Capital have provided bespoke residency planning and citizenship by investment services to our clients for over 30 years. If you want to realize your travel goals and become a dual citizen through an investment route, we are here to help. Discover how you can apply for the Commonwealth of Dominica citizenship by investment program by calling us at +971 4 3930 303 or send an email to

How to Get Dominica’s Citizenship

Dominica’s program is one of the oldest of its kind. It first became available to investors wishing to gain citizenship in 1991. Since there are no residence requirements for the investors, this program is also one of the most flexible among second passport and residency programs. This is especially beneficial for investors who wish to expand their business opportunities without having to reside in Dominica.

Do you wish to obtain a second passport for Dominica? Then you must have no criminal record and have good health and financial standing. Once you have decided to apply for the program, know that it is possible to obtain Dominica citizenship by making a donation or investing in real estate.

The first route includes a donation of a minimum of $100,000 into a government fund. This donation increases to $175,000 when adding a spouse without children. The donation is increased to $200,000 for a family of four. You might choose this route instead of a real estate investment if you do not wish to reside in Dominica.

The second option means investing in government-approved real estate to apply for Dominica citizenship by investment. When you choose this route, you will need to purchase real estate for the minimum amount of $200,000. If you are interested in obtaining Caribbean citizenship, the real estate investment is on the lesser side compared to, for example, Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment, where a required real estate investment is $400,000.

Benefits of Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program

Dominica offers one of the most affordable programs among citizenship by investment options. Also, having a Dominica passport comes with a number of benefits, including the following:

  • Enjoy visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to over 140 locations around the world, including the EU and Schengen area countries.
  • Applicants of all nationalities are able to apply for the program.
  • Dominica allows for dual citizenship, so you might be able to keep your citizenship in the country of origin, depending on the laws in your country.
  • Obtaining Dominica citizenship through the golden visa program does not require the applicant to reside in the country.
  • You can add dependent parents older than 55 years old and children under 30 years old to the application.

Another important thing to know about applying for a Dominica passport is the tax system in the country. Investors should know that there are no inheritance, wealth, death, or real estate taxes. Moreover, depending on the individual situation of the investor, it might also be possible to minimize income tax.

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Processing Time

Have you decided to apply for Dominica citizenship by investment? The process usually takes a rather short time; you’ll likely receive the decision within 2-5 months.

Living in Dominica

Dominica is a tropical island with beautiful nature and a pleasant climate. Despite its wonderful landscapes, Dominica does not receive a lot of tourism, so if you choose to reside there, you can enjoy a relaxed and peaceful way of life. The country has a low cost of living; housing and food are very affordable. The island has a high level of safety, which makes it a great place for living with children and for retirement.

If you are moving together with your family, Dominica offers several options for private and public schools and has two public universities. Knowledge of English will be enough for working or starting a business in the country since it is Dominica’s official language. However, locals also speak creole and French. Whether you are thinking about residing there or obtaining Dominica citizenship for expanding your travel and business options, it is a warm and welcoming country.

Other Citizenship by Investment Programs at UNO Capital

Are you not sure yet whether obtaining a Dominica passport perfectly corresponds to your immigration needs? Then we at UNO Capital are here to help. Our experienced team has worked with clients for over 30 years offering bespoke residency planning and citizenship solutions. That’s why we can help you find the best option for you and your family.

Apart from our Dominica citizenship by investment program, explore other residency and citizenship programs we offer. Build the life of your dreams in countries like Spain, Malta, St. Kitts and Nevis, Turkey, and other destinations. Whether you are interested in permanent residency or European citizenship, we will deliver a customized solution to match your immigration goals.

Why Choose UNO Capital?

Clients have relied on us for expert support with their immigration needs for over 30 years, and our achievements speak for themselves. We at UNO Capital are leaders in residency planning and citizenship by investment services. Moreover, we always provide bespoke services to our clients. If you wish to obtain dual citizenship by applying for a Dominica passport or another residency or citizenship program we offer, do not hesitate to reach out to our team.

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