Aug 12, 2021

Cyprus passport holders visa free travel country list

Geographically, Cyprus is located in such a way that it makes for a great place for business as well as to reside in. The place also shows a promising investment landscape given its reliable transport and communication systems and well-qualified labor. Non-Europeans can easily get a residence permit here by investing in the republic in one of the following ways:

  1. Funds of minimum EUR 300,000 deposited earned abroad and deposited in Cyprus Bank
  2. A minimum secured annual income of EUR 300,000 from abroad
  3. Residential or property of minimum EUR 300,000 invested in Cyprus

A Cyprus citizenship gives you access to visa-free travel to almost 173 countries around the world, including the EU and Canada. The citizenship is also transferable to descendants, making the entire process easier for your next generation. Following is an indicative list of countries providing Visa-Free or On Arrival Visa for Cyprus passport holders

Disclaimer: The above list is only indicative and may change from time to time, please check the visa requirements from embassy/consulate prior to your travel.

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