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A second citizenship or dual-nationality is not just an extra government-issued passport. It is a fundamentally different way of working, travelling and investing. It is a whole new strategy to access the future, ensure stability and living life on your terms.


Whether it is to seek better economic prospects or lifestyle, the benefits are immense and opportunities limitless.

Fast & Irrevocable Second Passport

Times of volatility, uncertainty and conflicts in a country do not need to affect your future. A second citizenship gives you and your family the security you need if the political or economic future deteriorates. In a few months, you can get a second passport, that is valid, accepted all over world and cannot be revoked.

Wealth Optimization

Compared to volatile stock markets, investing in a government-backed, fixed asset like real estate gives stable returns. Earn on your investment, live in it, use it as a second or holiday home, rent, sell or use it to diversify your assets. Our citizenship / PR solutions will offer you tax efficiency and savings to allow you to plan financial freedom for generations to come.

Do Business Without Borders

Go wherever the sun rises. You can travel easily to key economic hubs, live in one country, invest or run your office from another country. Mix work and pleasure. With international roaming, advanced technology such as 4G, video conferencing, its easier than ever to manage it all remotely on your finger tips, any time, anywhere.

Educational & Medical Benefits

Be it for preventive healthcare, treatment, or parents wanting to give their children the best education, second citizenship ticks all the boxes. Our citizenship/residency destination countries offer healthcare benefits, the best medical facilities to citizens and permanent residents. No more expensive insurance or paying hefty medical bills for overseas treatment. Avail the best that life has to offer.

Travel to 173 Countries

Based on the citizenship you have, you can travel visa-free or get visa on arrival - from Europe to the Americas, from Asia to Africa and travel 80% of the world. For instance, with our Cyprus citizenship program,you can live and work in any of the 28 European countries and travel to 173 countries at a moment's notice. Our Caribbean programs gives access to at least 120 destinations including the UK, Europe's Schengen Area and Singapore. Moldova offers visa-free access to at least 120 countries including Russia, Turkey and the European Union.

Secure The Next Generation

Provide security to your family - not just in your presence, but even in your absence. The investments you make, will not only help your family - spouse, children but also the next generation and beyond with an EU Citizenship. One time investment for a legacy. Citizenship is transferable to future generations without restrictions, which means they can reside, holiday, work and study from day one.

Stronger Legal Protection

Set-up wills, trust funds, enter into contracts, incorporate companies, register IP and trademarks in countries that offer more favourable, better legal protection. Have peace of mind that your interests are protected by strong jurisdictions that are fair, law abiding and follow international legal conventions.


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