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Benefits of a Second Passport

Are you interested in obtaining a second residency or citizenship by investment? Then get in touch with us. UNO Capital has been working with clients to help them realize their goals for over 30 years. With our extensive experience and expertise in offering immigration solutions, we can help you determine which countries and territories are most suitable for your specific needs.

Becoming a citizen of another country through a program like an EU passport by investment can expand your travel and business opportunities by giving you visa-free access to additional countries. Do you want to learn more about the benefits of a second passport? Then we are here to assist you. Get in touch by calling +971 4 3930 303 or send an email to

The Benefits of an Alternative Passport

Even the most powerful passports do not give you free access to all the world’s countries. Specifically, depending on your nationality, entry restrictions to different countries might differ for you. When it comes to traveling for leisure or business, some countries would require you to have a valid visa to be able to enter.

However, visa application and processing can take a lot of time and paperwork, which might not be something you would want to go through. You will also have to carefully check the requirements for each country before planning your journey. Depending on your destination, it might take longer to apply for and process your visa, and you could have longer custom checks at the airports.

That’s why one of the benefits of a second passport is that it eliminates the need for applying and waiting for a visa to enter a destination country. Moreover, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the travel restrictions are even more strict, having an alternative passport could be of special importance.

Here are the benefits of a second passport in a nutshell: Easier travel by extending the list of visa-free countries.

  • Retaining your previous citizenship, depending on the country of origin.
  • Right to residency in both countries.
  • Access to social benefits for citizens in both countries.
  • Security in times of political instability and other situations
  • Investment in the future of your family.

How Many Passports Can You Have?

Whether it is an EU passport by investment or another second citizenship opportunity you are looking for, you should always check for the applicable laws in your country of origin. Depending on your first nationality and the country of destination, you can have more than one passport. For instance, U.S. citizens are allowed to have dual citizenship, while some European countries only allow their citizens to have one passport.

There are also some countries that allow you not only to enjoy the benefits of dual citizenship but even have more than two passports. For example, this could be possible for Swiss, Bulgarian, or Irish citizens, and in some other countries as well. If you are already looking into acquiring another citizenship and find the benefits of a second passport appealing to your situation, consult the laws for your country.

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How to Obtain Citizenship by Investment

One of the ways to obtain second citizenship in another country is by making a capital investment or purchasing property in the destination country. The specific requirements and processing times will depend on the destination country, although the procedure typically takes about six months.

By acquiring citizenship by investment in a certain country, you can obtain the benefits of a second passport from this country. However, the types and amounts of investments vary depending on your destination.

For example, getting an alternative passport from St. Kitts & Nevis requires an investment in a government-approved real estate or contributing to the Sustainable Growth Fund. To become a Commonwealth of Dominica citizen, you need to invest in government-approved real estate or contribute to the Economic Diversification Fund.

As the requirements and the amounts of investment required vary per country, it might be hard to navigate your opportunities for getting a second passport. That’s why our team at UNO Capital will be glad to assist you with any questions you might have about starting a new life in your dream country.

We specialize in a wide range of services like EU passport by investment and permanent residency so you can get the most benefits of a second passport.

Where Can You Obtain Citizenship by Investment?

If you want to obtain more opportunities for international travel and business and have a backup plan in case of unsafe situations, then investing in an alternative passport is a good option. It is also a decision that gives you more freedom as an individual.

Now that you know about the benefits of a second passport, we at UNO Capital can assist with evaluating your immigration needs. We can help you choose the country for second citizenship and provide ongoing support.

We offer bespoke services in residency and citizenship by investment. Whether you are interested in an EU passport by investment, Caribbean citizenship, or EB5 Visa, we can help you achieve your goals. Our immigration solutions include residency and citizenship opportunities in countries like Malta, Turkey, St. Lucia, and other destinations.

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